Drop Baggage At The Dating Door

Dating is a fun, exciting, and thrilling way to meet new partners, experience new things, and socialize with new people. Having an open mind, and dropping your baggage at the dating door will be key to your success. Let’s be honest, most people looking for love online are hopeful and in need of someone who […]

Avoid Fake Profiles

After a tough break-up, there is a possibility that an ex might be tempted to create a fake dating profile to check-up on you and your love life. To be one step ahead of the game, here are 5 red flags that scream fake profiles. Their profile pictures look edited, filtered, or they only have […]

Video Call Before A First Date

Unfortunately, it is easy to create a fake profile online and catfish someone, but there are plenty of ways to catch a catfish! The first thing you’ll want to do is ask for another picture and see how quickly they can deliver. Next, ask for a video of themselves, but saying ‘Hi (your name). This […]

Pause Before You Answer Questions

Getting to know your new love interest is a major part of online dating, but always pause before answering questions. This gives you time to consider how much information you want to reveal. Instead of telling someone what city you’re in, where you work, and your favorite coffee shop, consider more generic answers instead, that […]

Team Up With Your Server

Dating can feel a little daunting especially if you’re new to the game, so this is a pretty smart dating tip to keep yourself safe when you meet up for the first, second, or third time. Hopefully, you’ve already chosen where you’re going to have the date, so now you can show up early and […]

Online Stalking is OK

Most people online will be looking up potential love interests on social media to protect themselves before meeting up in the real world, and that’s OK. A great dating tip for women about to arrange a first date is to spend an hour or so on social media to see if you can figure out […]

Portray Who You Want To Be

A top online dating tip is to capture a picture of yourself that portrays the person you want to be and not exactly who you are at this moment. The idea behind this dating tip is to attract a partner who shares your same visions for the future and lifestyle goals. So let’s say you’d […]

Keep Your Dating Pics Exclusive

In this digital-first society, it’s becoming easier than ever to find almost anyone online. To protect yourself when searching for a potential partner, keep your online dating pics exclusive to the platform. This means having a dating-only photoshoot when you set up a dating profile and never using the same pictures on social media. Should […]

Break The Ice With A Double Date First

Most people feel anxious about meeting a stranger for the first time, and although you can make sure to meet up in a public place, you should also explore the option of double first dating. This is where you and a friend arrange to meet two strangers for your first dates together. Not only is […]

be in the driver’s seat

When it comes to arranging a first date, it can quickly fill you with butterflies, excitement, and nerves! But rather than leave the finer details to your date, take control of your own destiny by planning it yourself.