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The future of dating and instant
networking is here

Date, Play, or Network:

We are a premier Dating app that can also be used to create groups, make friends, or network. Use the real-time app features for any kind of connection.

Real-Time Maps:

Open the Vinciio map and see all of the other members in your area. 

Check-In Functions:

Check-in to new locations so other members can see where you are. Meet with people instantly, even if you are brand new to the city.

Entourage Groups:

Create groups for different activities so you can manage all your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances all in one spot. Coordinate events and plan upcoming nights out!

Break the Ice:

Engage in unlimited messaging with potential matches so you can break the ice and get to know people in your area.

Unlike other dating apps

With Vinciio, users check-in to locations so other app users can see. The map feature enables users to reach out to people near them, chat, and set up dates, coffee catch-ups, or activities. All of it can happen in just minutes – no more waiting for responses for weeks at a time.

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Available in Your App Store

Demand More from Your Dating App

Online dating apps do not have to be all about swiping right or left. Why not go on dates with the right people, right in your backyard? Find people near you, expand your network, and start living life to its fullest.

10 Online Dating Tips To Avoid Catfish, Fake Profiles & Risky Dates

Feel empowered when it comes to online dating with these 10 top tips exclusively for women. From optimizing your online dating profile pictures to attract the perfect partner, to protecting yourself while on a first date. We reveal some pretty out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to avoiding catfish, fake profiles, and risky dates, for a safer, more enjoyable online dating experience. So, make yourself something ‘YUM’ to drink, and let’s get started!


Nope. No micro purchases ever. Members can either subscribe to the free version or Premium plans.
The profile icon on our real time maps is not the exact location of the member, if you see a profile on the map, that user is somewhere within a 10-block radius of their icon. If a member doesn’t want to be seen on map? No problem, click on incognito mode and Boom! your member icon is invisible to all members all the time.
Safety and security for all our members is our number one priority. All members will be able to block or report and send screen shots to the customer service team. If the offense is minor then the member will receive a warning and if the issue arises again, then that user will be banned from the vinciio for 12 months.
If the reported issue is a major violation such as harassment, illegal activity, minors etc. The user will be banned permanently from vinciio. All cases will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and all parties involved will receive notification from our customer service team on our decision and why.
Yes, Vinciio is currently available only in the US & Canada, the current plan for vinciio is to have members able to connect to other members in Central & South America for the beginning of 2023 and Europe Late 2023.
With Vinciio a human customer service representative will respond to your questions or issues within 24 hours, always.
Nope. Never. If you notice an account that you believe is fake, a member asking for your social security number, send money to a prince etc. anything you believe to be spam. Report it on the members profile page and we will take care of it immediately.