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About Us

About Us

The Vinciio Media Group is Veteran Owned and operated; we are made up of some of the most talented names in technology. The Founder and CEO Hansel Delgadillo is a 20-year Veteran of US Army Special Operations and in his time in the military he saw a need for a mobile application that can be used to not only find your next love connection but also be used to create new networks, find new friends if you are new to an area, and stay connected across the globe all in the same app without having to pay hundreds of dollars a month.

Today’s mobile Dating applications have lost sight of the original purpose of these apps, to connect people and not charge hundreds of dollars a month to do so. Vinciio will have a very straight forward monthly subscription that will allow users to connect with someone in your own town or another continent, all in real time all the time. Welcome to the Evolution of Dating apps.

What is vinciio

Vinciio has been two years in the making and was created with the user in mind. We wanted to make it easier to find your next match, create new networks or your new best friend – all in the same exciting app that makes it easier to connect with anyone, anywhere – and you can do it with our real-time map. With this unique feature, you can see who’s nearby and connect with them for a date, for a conversation, or for a cup of coffee.
Vinciio is the future of online dating and friendship building in a single, easy to use package.
Whether you’re out with your friends and checking out locations to connect with others, or if you’re simply sitting at home and want to connect with your neighbors in real-time, Vinciio is here to help.

Unlike other dating apps

With Vinciio, users check-in to locations so other app users can see. The map feature enables users to reach out to people near them, chat, and set up dates, coffee catch-ups, or activities. All of it can happen in just minutes – no more waiting for responses for weeks at a time.

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our Mission

The Vinciio mission is simple – we want to help those looking for a relationship, a friendship, or to connect with someone & have an easy way to do it in a safe and fun environment.

Why should I choose vinciio instead of these other apps?

The vinciio teams’ mission is to provide a Great & Safe member experience when connecting to others at a very good price. Modern Online Dating have become full of expensive mobile apps, filled with fake accounts that keep you going in circles. Vinciio is here to change that.
Any suggestions on making the Vinciio better? Contact our support team at [email protected] and tell them your suggestion, vinciio can only improve and get better with constant feedback and suggestions on improvements from our members.
Welcome to the Future of Connections Today!