When it comes to friendship and relationships, it can be hard to find that perfect match. Sure, there are hundreds of online dating apps that reduce people down to a “swipe left or right,” but that’s not what building relationships is all about. With Vinciio, we’re focused on making sure that every user has a safe and exciting experience when they use our app.

Whether you’re out with your friends and checking out locations to connect with others, or if you’re simply sitting at home and want to connect with your neighbors in real-time, Vinciio is here to help.

What Is Vinciio?

The Vinciio group is veteran owned and made up of some of the most talented names in technology. The Vinciio app has been two years in the making and created with the user in mind. We wanted to make it easier to find your next match, or your new best friend anytime, anywhere– all in the same simple app.

Vinciio is an exciting app that makes it easier to connect with anyone, anywhere – and you can do it with our real-time map. With this unique feature, you can see who’s nearby and connect with them for a date, for a conversation, or for a cup of coffee – no strings attached.

Vinciio is the future of online dating and friendship building in a single, easy to use package.

Our Mission

The Vinciio mission is simple – we want to help those looking for a relationship, a friendship, or to connect with someone new have an easy way to do it. Forget about hookup apps or relationship matching websites that pair you with a profile instead of a person. With Vinciio, you can meet and connect with people around you in a safe, exciting, and friendly way.

It’s time to transform the ways in which we build friendships and nurture relationships – do it with Vinciio.

What Are You Waiting For?

Why not go on dates with the right people, right in your backyard? Find people near you, expand your network, and start living life to its fullest.